Jessica Kelly


Jessica's singing debut began at the age of 5 when she sang her first  solo, "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow", to her kindergarten class. From a  young age she was obsessed with musicals such as Annie, Oklahoma, and  Bye Bye Birdy. 

She not only loves singing but also preforming and  putting on a good show.   When Jessica isn't on a stage there is a hole  in her life.  Singing with 2AM has been a new and exciting experience  for her and she couldn't be happier playing with her awesome band mates. 


Johnny Axis



 Johnny has loved music since the tender age of 4.  Rocking a tennis  racket to KISS was just the beginning of a musical journey that  continues to this day.  Johnny listens to a lot of different styles of  music, and appreciates good musicianship and being inspired by other  guitarists.  Some of his early guitar heroes were Ace Frehley, Angus  Young, Eddie Van Halen, and Randy Rhoads, but the guitar player who  inspired him to pick up the instrument was George Lynch, a player with a  very unique style and tone.

Johnny has played in a variety of cover and original music  bands.  He has fun with both types, as he just enjoys playing guitar and  feeling the 'power of the music'.  Being a part of the Madison music  scene is very inspiring for Johnny, as there are many talented musicians  AND monster guitar players in the area.  2AM is really fresh and  exciting for Johnny, as he plays alongside great talents AND great  people.

Floyd Pepper


Floyd Pepper started his musical career playing guitar when he was 8  years old.  He had the opportunity to try the bass when the position  opened up 10 years ago in the band he was in, and he instantly fell in  love with it.

"Playing music is what I love to do.  Interacting with the  crowd and knowing that they are having fun is the best feeling of all "





Toby grew up loving music, seeing his first concert at the age of 10,  Kiss Destroyer in 78.  He didn't start playing drums till later in  life, being talked into it from a friend that wanted to start a band.   Since then, he's played in several bands of different genres, from  thrash-death metal, rock-funk, to blues, to country, and contemporary.

Some of his major influences are Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, Alex  Van Halen, Carter Beauford, and Charlie Benante.  He listens to a lot of  different artists.  Some of his favorites are the Beatles, Phish, Rush,  Obituary, Death, and Anthrax.